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- mwilgus - 03-22-2001 09:57 AM

can someone help? I was in the Rathaus in Munich last week and sampled a wine that was labeled as a Red Riesling. It was very good ... but I have never heard of such a thing as a red riesling. Any info would be appreciated.

- chittychattykathy - 03-22-2001 02:49 PM

I did not notice such a thing when I was there myself, but am guessing that they have added a bit of rose (made from Spätburgunder) to it. Riesling is a very light (green/golden w/hints of blush) skinned grape that would not impart any red coloring on its own. Interested to see what others might say. CCK
(An odd German crossing?)

- ddf68 - 03-22-2001 04:17 PM

Is Spatburgunder a grape or a wine? I had a Spatburgunder once and assumed it was Pinot Noir. It certainly had PN characteristics.


- Innkeeper - 03-22-2001 04:31 PM

Pinot it is. With Germans consuming or exporting just about every drop of riesling and Spatburgunder they can make, can't imagine anyone blending them together. Would venture the guess that a minor white like sylvaner is being blended with something like lemberger, and a tourist trap (albeit a great one) is calling it Red Riesling.

- Thomas - 03-22-2001 07:22 PM

IK, you cynic--right on!

- chittychattykathy - 03-22-2001 08:08 PM

I have sent an email to a friend in Munich to please call the Rathaus and ask what this odd wine could be. Will post the answer asap.

- Robban - 03-25-2001 02:14 PM

As much as I love Germany and German wines - I must admit that I HAVE subjected myself to German RED wines and they were without a doubt the worst wine experience ever. Riesling? I don't believe so - but whatever it is/was, taste it by all means, and learn to avoid it!

- chittychattykathy - 03-28-2001 01:15 PM

From my friend in Munich, here is our answer from the Rathaus, I warn you all though, it is quite a surprize!!!
"Now, to your questions:
1) Red Riesling is called "Schwarzriesling" here. It is a special red grape from Franken not a blend, so I was told. The Riesling your friend drank at the "Ratskeller" at our City Hall can not be bought. Apparently this one was a special one - there are no more bottles available they are all finished -
just barrels of this special wine are left for the restaurant of the "Ratskeller".
On sale right now they have a 1 litre bottle of Schwarzriesling 1999, dry,
in the typical Franken Boxbeutel bottle, the label is
"Buergstatter Mainhoelle". "
What will they think of next??? CCK

- Robban - 03-28-2001 08:13 PM

Yes, I did encounter the German Red first in Franken in 1990 in Frickenhausen at the Weingut Meitzinger.
Look at and you will see their current sortment. Anyway the stay was wonderful, and all of their wines good - except the red which was, well "German Red" - what more can I say. It experience! Anyway their's isn't a Red Riesling but rather a Portugieser as it was back in 1990.

(By the way - check out the prices on their list. These are somewhat usual for a Weingut of this higher class especially in Franken. Smaller vinyards have lower prices and often excellent wines. Seldom do you pay to taste - but you always buy something as a matter of courtesy)

The occurance of German red had spread (as quick as Hoof and Mouth disease) into other areas of Deutchland. I encountered it in Pfaltz when we were collecting in 1999. There it is found mostly in 1 liter bottles - which in itself should be a warning! The fact that no one is redoing their entire production to Reds tells me that I am not the only one who is sceptical. But, of course, I will probably continute to pick up a few when there again - if only as a conversation piece.

- mwilgus - 03-29-2001 09:30 AM

Thanks to all who have replied, especially the leg work of cck. I never thought this would create a firestorm. It seems that many were (and some still are) skeptical that there was (is) such a thing as a red riesling and by supposing such a thing I was raised to heretic status. And, I maintain that the wine was good despite certain generalizations that have been made on this board. Oh well, I will leave you now to have a blue chardonnay with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

- wondersofwine - 05-30-2001 07:54 AM

Probably 99.9% of the wines I drink are from grapes. That said, Germany does have some nice strawberry wines that make for good picnic fare in the summer. I don't know if they would travel well.

- Botafogo - 05-30-2001 11:13 AM

When I was stationed in Ansbach, Franconia in the 70's we used to hitchhike up to a medieval showplace village called Rotenburg (sp?) to play music on the streets for tips. They had an annual Strawberry Wine festival where everyone would get looped in the middle of the afternoon and, as Senator Mc Cain once remarked when questioned about his womanizing as a "young, good looking fighter pilot whose father was an Admiral", it was a "target rich environment" when it came to both the local frauleins and the touristas.......Drinkin wine, spodey odey, drinkin wine, pass that bottle to me....Jerry, we still love you!


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