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- wondersofwine - 12-30-2005 05:36 PM

Regular price was $39.99 for a bottle; sale price was $33.99. 7.5% alcohol A.P. # 3 551 083-5-03 Weingut Forstmeister Geltz Zilliken

Clear pale gold or deep straw color. I would have to stretch to find a slight pale green tint.

White blossoms delight on the nose. Sweet grapefruit with powdered sugar on the palate. Looked for strawberries or raspberries without any "aha" moment. Sweet but balanced. Goes down the throat so easily that it makes it nearly impossible to sip haltingly and studiously. Medium to long finish. Delicious! Probably best on its own as a dessert but one might try pairing it with puff pastry with Creme Anglais or vanilla custard. I think I will order two or three more bottles. I think this is my first Saarburger Rausch and it's a hit! Fortunately I have enough left in the bottle for two more glasses this evening!
It's a Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine with Saarburg being a town along the Saar River.

- robr - 12-30-2005 08:36 PM

Most Spatlese Reislings from that area are delicious and have quite a bit of depth. I have been told to avoid any but the Reislings, however, as an inferior but higher yielding type of grape is also grown there (called Muller-Thurgow, or something like that) and these wines are usually quite insipid.

Sometimes they include the names of famously well known towns (like Bernkastle) on the label and can mislead the consumer into thinking he/she is buying the good stuff.

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- TheEngineer - 01-01-2006 11:20 PM

Thanks for the heads up. Gonna have to look. I like the '02's, though I prefer the 01's and on a hedonistic level, the 03's. The 02's just seem so balanced with a nice acidity that the phat 03's don't have. Been saving a few,...guess I'll open up one soon.