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- TheEngineer - 09-27-2008

#@!$!@#$ left airport late at night after fruitless wait for flight out to Boston.

Only good thing was that I still found a restaurant opened late and had a niece pork chop with this bottle.

Nice pale straw with hint of green. Nose was sharp, simple, some stone fruits and left good impression of biting acidity. On palate, reasonable density for a kabinett, mostly peachyish and white raisin flavours, but still simple. Reasonable persistance and clean finish. Worked well with a slightly greasy pork chop.

For after dinner drinks, I went to an old haunt, the ultrasupperclub. It was booke dfor a private function but the roof top bar was opened. Nice cool summer evening with a nice breeze, views of the Toronto Skyline and well dressed people (of which I was not one my airport delapitated state...) Nice way to close the night out with a bit of a night cap.