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- RickBin389 - 02-27-1999 02:34 PM

I recently had the pleasure of tasting the 1996 "Herrenweg Turckheim " gewurtztraminr by Zind Humbrecht.....I have been mezmerized ever scince. I am wondering if someone might reccomend similar quality alsace gewurtz. in the same price range ($20.00+).I have definitely discovered a new "bench mark " wine . Absolutely incredible - I had no idea how rich & textured a gewurtz. could be.

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- Joe Schmoe - 02-27-1999 03:23 PM


I know Tom Stevenson would be able to help you here, as he is very up to date on what to go for in Alsace (Tom?)

I can only speak from experience, and say if you like the Zind Humbrecht style, it would be worth your while checking out one of the following producers:-

Schoffit, Hugel, Theo Faller, Marc Kreydenweiss.

All these producers either use temperature control like ZH or make their wines full bodied, well focused and wonderfully expressive in a similar vein to Olivier Humbrecht. A couple of my favourite producers like to make their regular Gewurz cuvées a little steelier and drier, like Trimbach, and Leon Beyer. I'm sure you'll find some rich pickings amongst that lot. I have never tried a Gewurz from Marcel Deiss, but if there is one available, I expect it's bloody good!

Joe Wadsack

- Bucko - 02-27-1999 08:04 PM

I am also a BIG Z-H fan, as my cellar attests. Besides those that Joe mentioned, Domaine Schlumberger also makes a powerhouse Gewurztraminer.


- Jason - 02-28-1999 02:29 PM

Rick - I was wondering how long it would take you to find the Alsace section, not long I guess.
Someone mentioned Deiss, very good stuff, he is also a "biodynamic" guy.
Imported by Robert Ketcher in small amounts.

- RickBin389 - 03-09-1999 11:01 PM

Thanks one and all - I am on a buying spree.
Alsace is my current thing.
How about Ostertag Rieslings? I have an opportunity to grab some...
Also - which of the Z-H rieslings would you reccomend?

I have a case or two of the Deiss pinot blanc and it is wonderful....I will seek out a deiss gewurz & post my tasting notes.