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- ChefLadd - 12-30-1999 11:22 AM

I am a Chef at New England Culinary Institute and I have a magnum of 1964 Krug which was given to me as a gift a couple of years ago. Could you please give me an approximate value for this item. It came from a restaurant celler where it was stored for about 23 years. It's been in my celler ever since and is in good condition. No cork leakage and the label is in good shape.


- Jerry D Mead - 12-30-1999 04:33 PM

I can't say about the value, but Krug is my favorite Champagne, vintage or non-vintage, bottling after bottling. I have had some very old bottles over the years that have been magnificent, and the magnum size works in your favor.

I'd open it and drink it with special friends.

- tomstevenson - 01-03-2000 01:35 PM

A British Internet outlet called AmiVin Ltd is currently offering a 75cl bottle of Krug 1964 at £418 (ie., $673). As there is a bonus on magnums that would make yours something like $1500, but that's retail and that's UK. You always pay high prices for Krug, but selling a one-off magnum is never easy. You could try offering it to D&M (chase it down on the Internet), but 1964 is one of the truly greatest years (probably ranks equal second with 1947 out of the entire century) and if I were you I'd do what Curmy recommends: drink it!