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- VouvrayHead - 12-15-2009 11:41 PM

Gary V's once-a-day site had this for $26.66, so I bought 3 (which came with free shipping).
This is a really nice little NV. It's got some nice, clean fruit of orange and mango with a very friendly frame of acids and a teensy touch of sweetness that I'd consider a tiny bit over the average brut (I don't know the dosage). A bit of nuttiness rounds it out. Mostly PM and Chardonnay, and very, very pleasant wine. It's a great buy at that price, and would be worth a buy at $10 more competing with Duval Leroy for good champagne at the lowest price range for the real stuff.

- TheEngineer - 12-16-2009 05:59 PM

I love inexpensive sparklers!

- VouvrayHead - 01-01-2010 03:53 PM

Another one last night. Tasted about the same as the first! Happy New Year!

- TheEngineer - 01-01-2010 11:44 PM

I've picked up some inexpensive stuff recently as well. Put an order in with JJBuck (that means I don't have it yet..) for Delamotte at around $29. This is one of my favs and I've never gotten it for this price. Almost a case purchase situation.....

- VouvrayHead - 01-02-2010 04:42 PM

It seems like I saw more sub-$35 champagne this year than in the last few years. Anyone confirm/deny?

- Thomas - 01-02-2010 04:48 PM

The price of Champagne has come down, as the industry is in deep trouble--again!