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- Bucko - 04-11-1999 09:18 AM

Served with mallard duck-inspired hors d'oeuvres:

1990 Blanc de Blancs, Late Disgorged, Brut - Very clean and refreshing, toasty, crisp apple fruit and a pleasant aftertaste.

Served with citrus-poached lobster with osetra caviar and lemon sabayon:

1993 Rose, Brut (from double magnum) - Nice toasty flavors but overly tart for my liking (it may just need bottle time). I'll reserve judgement.

1989 Late Disgorged, Brut (from magnum) - One of the better CA sparklers that I have ever tried. Nicely aged fruit, pretty, toasty flavors, with a very long, lovely aftertaste. Forrest Tancer scored a bullseye here.


- Jason - 04-11-1999 03:26 PM

Iron Horse does make some great stuff. Still wines are worhty too. Chard is no malo and current Pinot '97 is the best Pinot I've had in a long time.