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- Van The Man - 05-01-1999 07:08 AM

Curmy, this one literally made me re-think my "Westport's the best" thing.....

1994 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut Sparkling Wine; Sonoma County Green Valley - $24.00

Nice, brassy color with medium fine bubbles. Wonderful nose with green apple, some peach and minerals. On the palate, rich and full flavors of sweet yet tart and crisp Granny Smith green apples, a hint of strawberry, and a touch of peach pit and minerals. Full, round, rich, tart and superbly balanced. A joy to drink! Easily one of the best California Sparklers I’ve ever had.

- Thomas - 05-01-1999 07:39 AM

Van the Man,

Iron Horse deserves a lot more attention for its sparklers -- great stuff.

- Bucko - 05-01-1999 08:27 AM

Their LDs are quite lovely. Try one if you get a chance.