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- NBella - 05-01-2004 12:55 AM

I am new to the board and need some assistance... I was given a bottle of champagne as a wedding gift back in 1988, and I have kept in in the original box in a dark cool closet over the last 16 years, without knowing much about it other than it was worth not drinking on a whim.

I have tried to look online for more information and have found some sites that have a similar looking bottle, but I was wondering if any of the experts on this site might have any more facts to share with me.

It has to be from 1988 or earlier, the box is a dark red with KRUG, Champagne Grande Cuvee, Reims-France.

The bottle label says GRANDE CUVEE CHAMPAGNE, KRUG,
REIMS, BRUT, 750 ml, Imported by Premiere Wine Merchants, Inc. New York, NY, produced and bottled by Krug-Reims-France......on a off-white octagonal label with dark red lettering.

Does anyone have any advice on when it should be enjoyed, how much it is worth, or any other facts?

Thank you for your help!

- Drew - 05-01-2004 05:02 AM

Welcome, NBella.

Krug Grande Cuvee is a multivintage blend of up to 50 different wines from 6 to 10 different vintages. It's aged in small oak barrels for 6 years prior to release. All this means is that it is a non-vintage wine, not dated. In short, Krug decided what stored vintages to blend together in a minimum of 6 years prior to your wedding. A dark, cool closet is not good storage for such a Champagne so I would find a good excuse to pop it with a back up of something on the sideline. The current releases sell between $100 and $130.