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- wondersofwine - 01-19-2010 02:54 PM

Rioja wines. The Heredad de Baroja Reserva (2001) was opened 01/14/10 and the Gran Reserva 01/16/10. Imported by Turner Wine Imports, Morrisville, NC. These were purchased from Carolina Wine Company before its bankruptcy.
The Reserva was listed as 13% alcohol by volume and was encased in a thin gold wire "cage."
Very dark and opaque. Nice nose with leafy, brambly berries. Attractive fruit flavors coat the palate. Pleasant edge of tartness (not really sour.) Delicious and easily quaffable. Most likely modern in style. Nice with Canadian bacon and baked potated topped with broccoli and cheese. So enjoyable (to my palate.) Held up well for three evenings, recorked and refrigerated.

Heredad de Baroja Gran Reserva (2001)

Listed as 14% abv. 7500 bottles. Darker on the rim than the Reserva. In comparison to the Reserva, a touch more underlying oak with soft, fuzzy tannins. I think at this stage anyway, I prefer the Reserva. That's not to say that the Gran Reserva is faulty. It is still a good wine and may evolve in a good way with 2 or 3 more years but didn't give me the pleasure of the Reserva.