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- alice - 07-24-1999 04:12 PM

I had a lovely wine named something like:
Condado de Aza? o Condado de Haza? 1996, I loved it, and would like to know if it can be aquired in Canada, and how is the real name of it; or maybe where to write asking some information. Thank you very much

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- Jerry D Mead - 07-25-1999 12:20 PM

I don't know if there's a Canadian version, but you can contact the national wine promotion folks called Wines of Spain in New York at (212) 661-4814.


- Randy Caparoso - 08-03-1999 08:54 PM

Any luck, Alice? I see, you didn't have a strong reply on the Wineboard, and so just in case: Condado de Haza is the second (and separate) estate owned by Bodegas Fernandez in Spain (they are even more famous for their Tinto Pesqueera). I don't blame you for lovin' dat stuff, because it's incredibly real and expressive of the wilder parts of the Spanish spirit. The national distributor is Classical Wines in Seattle, WA (phone 206-547-0255). Hopefully they can point out a retail or restaurant outlet near you!