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- brappy - 08-23-2007 12:22 AM

Normally I wouldn't post on this wine. The latest vintages of this wine are not anything I've been impressed with. Maybe I've been looking at this wine completely wrong.

Tonight, Hattie and I went out to dinner at a local spot. This restaurant is really a Baltimore landmark.... Tio Pepe. I'm sure Drew has been here or at least I would be surprised if he has not.

When looking at the wine list, I noticed a few older vintages. Saw my birth year and snapped it up along with another one:

'70 - Light in color and in body; Nose had red cherry fruit and dried cherry fruit. palate has the. Great acidity; Long finish; The tannins were a bit gripping but were sweet on the finish. This wine is its window and is showing beautifully. Extremely expressive. This is my first birth year wine.

'66 - Lighter in color and in body than the '70. The same cherry fruit but mixed in with some wax and cocoa. Still a good wine but definatwly not the '70.

I'm doing this from memory so not really notes.

The real impressive part was the price. '70 = $92 and the '66 = $79. Bartender stated they have 2 more cases of the '70s. The food was OK but not great. Not bad mind you but just unexciting. I'll be going back to sit at the bar just to finish this wine. Love it when there's a deal out there.....


- TheEngineer - 08-23-2007 01:50 AM


You and I should share a bottle one day....we share the same birth year vintage [img][/img]

- brappy - 08-23-2007 07:07 PM

We should..... and when we get the chance, we should open multiple bottles.... maybe a few from '70..


- winoweenie - 08-23-2007 08:20 PM

Can you youngsters handle " Multiple Bottles " ??????? ( I'm available) WW

- TheEngineer - 08-24-2007 12:58 AM

Without too much guessing, I'm pretty certain that neither Mark nor I could match you WW Together we might have a chance... [img][/img] I certainly look forward to poppin' a few with yah one day. Gotta find clients in your neck of the woods....

Toronto is apparently now my most frequented place this week. I've been there three times in the space of seven days now.......

- winoweenie - 08-24-2007 09:47 AM

Look forward to meeting you ENG. Our little backwoords is slowly but surely creeping into the tech age. They replaced our rotary phones with new-fangeled punch button thingies last month so we're leaping ahead. WW [img][/img]

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- brappy - 08-24-2007 10:18 PM

I'd give it one heck of a try though......