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- wondersofwine - 10-08-2010 10:11 AM

2009 Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha Carinena DOC. Produced and bottled by Grandes Vinos y Vinedos, S.A. A Steve Miles Selection. Screwcap. 13.5% alcohol by volume. Under $20.
Beso de Vino means "kiss of wine" and the label has a cartoonish bull puckering for a kiss.

Darkly colored and opaque. Teases the tastebuds wtih dark berry/cherry flavors and a slightly tart backend. Leggy on the glass. I sense an oak underpinning but it does not overwhelm the fruit. I paired this with stuffed green pepper (ground beef, rice and tomato sauce) the first night and with beef tacos the next night. I think it could stand up to roast beef or lamb.

2008 Penelope Sanchez Garnacha/Syrah Tinto Joven DOC Campo de Borja. Bottled for Axial Wines, S.A. Zaragoza, Spain. Flamenco dancer on the label. I did not care for this as much as for the Beso de Vino. It was dark and opaque. I thought it tasted more full-bodied than the first wine and that some of the grip may be from oak treatment. My taste impression was of sour cherries or sour dark berries with a peppery note. Bold and a little overwhelming. I would not purchase again.