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- Jerry D Mead - 01-04-1999 06:38 AM

My subscribers are getting this tip today...There are 250 cases of 100% varietal Tempranillo being released by Clos Du Bois as we speak. It's non-vintage, because to have a commercial lot they had to put 95&96 together. It's $30 with all proceeds going to charity, and it's a special bottling dedicated to long time winery employee (she goes back to the Frank Woods days), Inez Ferrari. There will be greater quantity in coming years.

It's really tasty...structure not unlike a Merlot...flavors of berries, plums and wild violets. I score it 90/84

(First number rates quality; second number rates value.)

- Karena Shannon - 01-05-1999 01:47 AM

Hey Jerry, didn't Pagor make a Tempranillo last year?

- Jerry D Mead - 01-05-1999 07:44 AM

I don't know...but then I don't even know who Pagor is???? They're not in my winery database nor in the Wines & Vines Directory.

Tell me about them...and if you have address and phone, would love to have.

That's the reason for the question mark at the end of my title...because I've learned that with 1600-plus American wineries one can't know everything that everyone is doing.

Clos Du Bois would like to know too...they think they're first with a commercial lot, but don't want to make the claim without knowing for sure.


- Karena Shannon - 01-05-1999 01:12 PM

I've had Pagor's Petite Sirah and have only seen their Tempranillo at Wine Club Santa Clara. The Petite was noteworthy for supposedly having been aged in old whiskey barrels; it sucked. Wine Club wanted around $8 for the Tempranillo.
I think Pagor is a Santa-barbara-area winery, as the Petite carried a SB designation. Also, the only other place I've seen them is "The Tasting Room" in Los Olivos. Don't have their phone number, but I'm sure if you call the Tasting Room they will have it, or info about the winery. FWIW, Charlie doesn't have Pagor in his newest edition either.
Hope this helps.

- Kcwhippet - 01-08-1999 12:54 PM


Castoro Cellars has been making a Tempranillo for a few years now. I've been getting it through their wine club, so I don't really know if they make it in commercial quantities. I haven't tried it for about six months, but I think I remember it as a nice, smooth easy to drink wine, pretty close to the description you give for the Clos du Bois. Not a world beater, but a very drinkable wine.


- Kcwhippet - 01-08-1999 05:48 PM


I should have waited until I got home before I opened my big mouth. I have before me a Castoro Cellars 1996 Tempranillo. However, it is a Wine Club Selection. It was made in very limited quantities only for the wine club. Therefore, I suspect they don't have a commercial offering like Clos Du Bois. So, how do I get some of the Clos Du Bois Tempranillo? Who do I call.


- Jerry D Mead - 01-12-1999 02:59 AM

Re the Clos Du Bois the winery tasting room at (707) 857-1651...if they give you any trouble or stall...let me know and I'll intercede. I was promised that the wine would truly be available...otherwise I would not have reviewed it.


- Jerry D Mead - 01-13-1999 01:19 PM

Two readers have since informed me that a small Ventura County producer called Rolling Hills has also produced a limited bottling of Tempranillo.


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