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- brappy - 01-27-2007 12:03 AM

From a tasting, quick notes;

Ramos Paul, Ronda, Spain, '04
50% Cab, 25% Tempranillo, 15% Syrah, 10% Merlot
Nose of red fruits -mostly cherries- with a touch of dirt and pork fat. Same on the palate with a bit of paraphin. Good concentration, middleweight mid palate. The blend is well done creating a fun wine, with some complexity to give you something to think about. The finish is medium to long. ($50ish)

Bodegas y Vinedos El Seque "El Seque", Allicante, Spain, '04
100% Monestrell
Great fruit on the nose; both red and dark(blue and black); fresh and a touch of dried fruit.The fruit is even a touch brighter on the palate than I would have expected with 100% Monestrell. Very good with a nice finish.($35ish)

Aalto Bodegas y Vinedos "Aalto", Ribera del Duero, '03
100% Tinto Fino
Red fruits on the nose, almost sweet red fruits. Same on the palate with the palate getting more intense as it passes the mid-palate. also a touch of chocolate on the palate. Plenty of tannins which are sweetish but need several years to relax. Acid is perfectly balanced. Don't really want to dump the rest of this one. Great juice.($55ish)

Aalto Bodegas y Vinedos "Aalto", Ribera del Duero, '04
100% Tinto Fino
This wine is very similar to the '03. The boquet is a bit brighter and there's a touch of dark fruits on the nose the '03 didn't have, or at least notably. The tannins are a bit sweeter; the palate a bit more full. This wine is just better than the '03. And that's saying something. Again, Great juice.($55ish)

Aalto Bodegas y Vinedos "Aalto PS", Ribera del Duero, '04
100% Tinto Fino (60 yr old vines)
Stunning wine. Oak is a bit more pronounced, in a good way. Tannins are gripping. But once again, this wine is just more of the former. More everything. Also on the palate maybe a hint of licorice (black). Extremely well made and balanced.($110ish)

Bodegas Tomas Cusine "Geol", Costers del Segre, '05
65% Merlot, 8% Carinena, 27% Cabernat
NOse: Bright red raspberry fruit, Same fruit on the palate but not quite as bright. Some chocolate on the palate that wasn't noticed on the nose. Now resmelling the wine, I can pick up some of that chocolate. Great merlot fruit. However, I would have thought the wine to have much more weight with that much Cab in the mix. maybe time will bring that aspect around. At first, I wondered why even taste a merlot coming out of Spain; I understand now. Very well made with great flavors.($25ish)...Great QPR

Celler de Cantonella "Estrats" Costers del Segre, '04
65% Cabernet, 20% Tempranillo, 15% Garnacha
Predominate red fruits on the nose with black and blue fruits in the back ground with a touch of eucalyptus. Also maybe a touch of black cracked pepper. On the palate, no pepper, and an even mixture of fruits. Still some eucalyptus (although there is no eucalyptus in Spain). Wow, this is a good Cab. This would be a great ringer for a Rutherford Cab blind tasting.($70ish)

Cellers Marc Ripoll Sans "Closa Batlett", Gratallops, Priorat, '04
67% Carinena, 16% Garnacha, 11% Cabernet, 4% Merlot, 2% Syrah
Darker fruits on the nose; The nose is predominately Garnacha. Very interesting, the grenache is also predominate on the palate. Dark fruits but mostly blue fruits. I would think some earthy notes would be present because of the dominate fruit, but really nothing there. The fruit I do taste, however, is outstanding. Great sweet tannins and intense concentration. Would love to taste 100% grenache from this blend. Anyway, great wine.($50ish)

Clos I Terrasses "Clos Erasmus" Gratallops, Priorat, '04
75% Garnacha, 15% Syrah, 10% Cabernet
An even blend of red, black, and blue fruits on the nose, Also a touch of graham cracker, or something like this. I could keep my nose in this one all night long. There is also a bit of dried red fruit on the nose. On the palate this wine exhibits much of the same but in a seemless sort of a way. It begins with a myriad of fruit on the way back(back of the toungue) changes, intensifies, some oxidized fruit come out, changes again, and finishes long and smooth. I believe I could do this over and over. Smell into taste; sense all about the taste, enjoy analyzing this all the way down. Great juice.($130ish)

Great wines.


- dananne - 01-27-2007 12:16 AM

Some nice stuff there -- must have been a good time!

Thanks for the notes.

- brappy - 01-27-2007 01:02 AM

For this one Dananne, I posted as I tasted. I'm drinking now.........