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- Sam1 - 07-07-1999 12:41 PM

I am traveling to Barcelona in a couple of weeks and would like to take a train or car into the wine region of Spain. Are there any wineries that I shouldn't miss? Is this area easy to access by train or is a car going to be better?

- Jerry D Mead - 07-08-1999 12:11 AM

I'm hoping someone else will jump in having been more than ten years since I was last in Spain.

First off, Spain is a large country, most of which produces some wine.

Very close by Barcelona (a lovely city, by the way) is the Pinedas region...major players there are Torres and Codorniu.

(Make sure to try the local dessert...Crema Catalogna (sp?))

Rioja is near the city of Bilbao in the northwest.

Sherry is made in and around Jerez...and these are only the most famous wine regions.

I always prefer travelling by car, especially when visiting wineries...trains just don't stop in the right places.

By the by, there's a company called American firm that bokrs rental cars and will save you a ton of because they have their own insurance allow greater freedom with the cars.