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- Innkeeper - 11-02-2000 09:47 AM

While Winoweenie's away, we'll sneak this one in. 1999 Riverside, Hawkes Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, $13.00. Crystal clear, but resemblance to water ends there. A burst of citrus and pear fruit up front with no veggies. Medium body, ample but unobtrusive acid. and no oak in the middle. Had a lovely, lingering finish. More like a Sancerre than a sauvignon or fume blanc from the U.S., Australia, Chile, et al. Here's the bigee; Mrs IK liked it! She hates SB (as she knows it). Matched beautifully with broiled Haddock with butter and paprika, and a salad with raspberry-hazelnut vinaigrette. Actually went just as nicely with the salad as with the fish. Will have to try another Kiwi soon.

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- Scoop - 11-02-2000 12:31 PM

Sounds great IK. Being a NZ SB (and a Sancerre) fan, I'll be on the lookout.