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- Innkeeper - 01-20-2001 09:17 AM

1999 Henri Bourgeois, La Porte Du Caillou, Sancerre ($12.99 on sale at Tanza for $9.99). Floral on the nose with a blast of tropical fruit upfront that caused our host to state, "It's a sweet wine!" Had to explain all about the illusion of sweetness. Lovely finish. We drank as an aperitif, but would marry nicely with a wide variety of light, acidic dishes.

- Scoop - 01-22-2001 10:49 AM

Will keep on the lookout for it, IK!



- Bucko - 01-22-2001 11:49 AM

Love those Sancerres, but the 99s have been pretty weak from what I have tried so far. How was the acidity?


- Innkeeper - 01-22-2001 06:13 PM

Plenty of acid, hence the food recommendation. Picked up their last one as part of another mixed case on the way home today.

- Innkeeper - 03-03-2001 07:42 AM

Had another last night with poached sole. It is getting even better. A little less acid and a little more spice. The sole sprinkled with paprika married perfectly. Has to be just about the best value found in a long time.

- Thomas - 03-03-2001 02:46 PM

IK, why are you recommending an acidic dish with an acidic wine? Are you a glutton for palate fatigue?

I recommend fish (for their fatty oils) cheese (for their fats) and, if the wine has tropical fruit characters, add some tropical fruit to the cheese.

- Innkeeper - 03-04-2001 08:00 AM

Sorry, didn't mean to say you had to have an acidic dish with it. But if you had an acidic dish you needed a wine for, this would be a good choice. The sole, as we fixed it was not acidic, but if we had napped it with a light lemony tomato sauce, the wine still would have done it justice.

- Innkeeper - 08-05-2001 05:12 PM

Had the last of these tonight with smoked chicken parts is parts. Still wonderful. Notice that our friends at WS had lots of nice things to say about the Henri Bourgeois Sancerres. They can be right now & then.

- Thomas - 08-06-2001 11:41 AM

but only then...