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- Bucko - 04-20-1999 04:40 PM

Had a flying trip down to Sonoma County - 3 day weekend. With my crafty wiles (and threat of bodily harm), I coerced Roberta Boomer, close wine friend, to chauffer me around the valley. With maybe the exception of the Swan Zins and Pinots, the wine of the day was the new release of the Rochioli SB. Loaded with fruit, a hint of grassiness, not oaked to death, crisp acidity - yummy stuff. Get it while you can.....


- Van The Man - 04-20-1999 09:37 PM

Bucko -

No surprise here.

Rochioli SBs are always amongst the best in the world IMO.

GREAT call as far as I'm concerned.

PS - Would love to read about the Swan tastings! <hint, hint>