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- summa - 08-07-2001 08:12 PM

Trying Kunde SB Magnolia Lane, J. Phelps Pastiche, Eos, and Beringer...any suggestions on these? Big names all I know (big name distributor) any others I should know of? (besides the sancerre mentioned below...already on my list [img][/img] )

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- barnesy - 08-08-2001 12:11 AM

Michel Lynch Sauv. Blanc Bordeaux Blanc

- Innkeeper - 08-08-2001 06:02 AM

The Lynch is excellent. So are the Kiwis Villa Maria, Marlborough; Selaks, Marlborough; and Riverside, Hawkes Bay. Also, any good Sancerre you can find at the price. There are some, e.g. Henri Bourgeois, Fouassier Pere et Fils, and Sauvion. The only American I would recommend is Tobin James, posted below, but it is not made in sufficient quantity.

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- hotwine - 08-08-2001 06:37 AM

Methinks we're building the winelist for Summa's restaurant.....

- Innkeeper - 08-08-2001 06:55 AM

Yeah, haven't had so much fun, since used to do it as part of my living.

- Scoop - 08-08-2001 07:28 AM

For another Cali choice, Markham produces a decent SB for around $10. Still, I generally opt for the NZs and Sancerres mentioned by IK (and don't forget the other Loire SB appellations Menetou Salon, Quincy and Pouilly Fume) -- they just bring more finesse, complexity and acidity to the table. Also, Chateau Bonnet is a very consistent SB blend (with Semillion and Muscadelle) from Bordeaux (Entre Deux Mers) that will only set you back around $7.



- Innkeeper - 08-08-2001 09:49 AM

Tasted the EOS in their tasting room and did not leave with it. Don't remember it otherwise, as it was a four winery day. Did leave with their cab and their zin (both regular bottlings), and have posted favorable TNs on them; if that helps.

Ask these distributors what kind of vessels their wines were fermented and stored in. I would not tolerate anything except stainless steel for sauvignon in this price range. In a more expensive bottling a little storage time in old oak might be tolerable.

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- summa - 08-09-2001 06:10 AM

Hmmm I'd not go so far as saying you're building my winelist [img][/img] , but it's always good to get other's suggestions. Especially, knowledgable ones, saves some time. How bout I post the silly thing once it reaches a complete point...(I expect it to always be in flux).

- hotwine - 08-09-2001 09:08 AM

That would be nice.

- summa - 08-15-2001 10:46 AM

Ok Some notes on the wines I tried yesterday...

2000 Firestone SB Santa Barbara County,
Ok, so it's very fruit forward, but Still very good, wonderful nose-clean, pear, pineapple, lot's of fruit to start, citrus, green apple, not a hint of oak, and good acidity, no grass, mustiness, or smoke to be found, decent finish, at about $10-$12 retail, Quite a great wine. (I'd not been at all a fan of Firestone before this.)

2000 Kunde SB Magnolia Lane, nice middle of the road one, more complex than Firestone, perhaps a "classic" California SB, good nose, some fruit, some oak, can't complain, but $4-$5 more than Firestone.

(don't have year)EOS SB Pasa Rablos, god I have to laugh, All Glycerin and Oak, almost thick, quite smoky, but where's the fruit? I thought I was drinking a good but dead american chard.

1999 Joseph Phelps Pastiche, vendor told me it was a blend of chard and sauvignon blanc, must have some semillion as well, good nose, though not a large as Firestone, but more complex notes, Very smooth, quite attractive to an american palate I'd think, more citrus, a touch of oak, not a long finish, but decently balanced. Somehow I'm surprised Joseph Phelps would do well for such little cost at $9 wholesale.

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- zenda2 - 12-28-2002 09:54 AM

Please update thread for New Year.

- Innkeeper - 12-28-2002 10:54 AM

I've posted a couple or three this past year, including this past month on the Oz/Kiwi thread.