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- brappy - 04-06-2006 11:02 PM

I worked a wine group's dinner tonight and they left a little (about 3oz) of this wine for me to taste. Really quite unbelievable. The nose was full of peach and orange in a sweet candied way. The palate had much of the same but the first thought I had was tangerine sherbit. Nice finish but not too long.

One of the things that always surprises me with d'Yquem is the mouthfeel. The wine seems to float above your toungue, not on it. The flavors therefore come as hints of this and hints of that. The feel is sexy and seductive. A constant "I want more" feeling seduces you.

Anyway, nice wine and nice of the guys to give me a taste of something so rare.


- winoweenie - 04-07-2006 06:32 AM

Nice notes there Brapster. I took a bottle of the 71 to a party at Jerry Meads' sons cafe and it indeed was a hit. The Curmudgeon proclaimed it the greatest of the stickies. WW

- TheEngineer - 04-07-2006 04:06 PM

Nice notes dude!

- brappy - 04-07-2006 10:38 PM

Thanks guys, It really was beautiful......

RE: Chateau d'Yquem '71 - TheEngineer - 08-15-2013 06:09 AM

I pulled a bottle of the 2008 that I had tasted when I visited Yquem. That taste, experience,...still lingers fondly. I say experience because as Brappy noted (and I wish he'd come back...) it was as much about the mouthfeel of the wine. He is absolutely right, the 2008 seem to lay lightly on my tongue, or float as Brappy noted. The finish is one of supreme "contentment and comfort" for the next hour, my mouth felt great! just like the finish of an old and aged oolong tea....

I put the bottle back as I had not been a good enough boy to open this.... Reached for a Scotch instead to pacify the urge.