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- VouvrayHead - 12-05-2008 12:02 AM

I just searched and found I have never posted on this before!
One of my very favorite wines I've ever had. This is the 3rd bottle I am working through over the last few years.
Rare Wine Company buys up old rare (hence the name) wines, particularly Madeira. They have a heritage series that blends old wines of varying ages into an NV that shows off the complex beauty of these guys. I've had the "Charleston" Sercial, the "New York" Malmsey and the "Boston" Bual, which is by far my favorite. The slightly cheesy names belie Madeira's noble American history, and these really show why it was often the wine of choice for our founding fathers.
The Boston Bual is intense and sophisticated with classic raisins and nuts, but a whisp of smoke, surprising (and perfectly poised) acidity, and a gently evolving chord of variations on softly sweet nuttiness over a long finish make this stuff special.
I've not had Bual older than 30 (though this is made up of some wines that likely surpass that age), nor have I had more than a few of the labels, but this wine has a place in my heart all its own.
It's $40-$50, but that's downright cheap since this can be left open nearly indefinitely, giving its owner a full winter's sipping (if they can resist enough for it to last that long).

Rating: Since I'm waxing poetic, I'll go all the way and quote Charlie Parker and give it all the stars I've got.

(Obviously the mad red icon up there is unintentional! What's a guy to do?)

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- wondersofwine - 12-05-2008 11:56 AM

Sounds very special.